To kick things off, I figured I would give a background on how I got into WoW. I’ll focus more on getting into playing my Shaman in another post, but I think I’ll simply reflect on getting into the world of Azeroth.

My First Exposure to World of Warcraft

Sometime during 2008, before Wrath and during BC, I was in my old Yahoo! account and I saw the add for the free 10-day trial of World of Warcraft. I clicked and figured “what the heck, I’ll try it out.” I soon realized that this 5GB download was going to take quite a long while so I let the computer sit and download for a few hours while I finished up some other chores. Once that was done, including all the patches, I logged on and was confronted with the character customization screen. Undead Warlock. OOOH! He looks pretty badass! So, off I went into Deathknell to begin my journey. It was literally 5 hours later before I realized that any time had passed at all. The funny thing about this new adventure is that I did absolutely no prior research into anything. My little warlock only made it to about level 20 before I decided I needed to quit. I was a full time student at Arizona State University on pace for Summa Cum Laude and I didn’t want to mess that up. I knew that WoW would be far too time consuming and it was in my best interests to just quit while I was ahead.

What was funny about me and that Warlock? Well, I had a sword. Sure I had spells but I was running around (dying mostly) in melee range of all these quest mobs wondering when I would finally be able to wear that mail armor I got from quests rewards. It made sense to me that I would eventually be wearing mail because up until this point, when I tried to don it, I would get a message from my toon that said “I can’t use that yet.” YET! There was hope! I didn’t know what a talent tree was and therefore had no spec. I didn’t know anyone who played WoW but I was having fun meeting people and completing quests with them. But, alas, it had to end.

Fast Forward to the New Subscription

Through my other avid hobby (homebrewing), I met a guy who would become my best friend very quickly. While brewing, it came up that he played WoW. I started asking him questions about it and with each answer, I became more intrigued, Several months went by and he said “anytime you want to start playing again, let me know. You’ll have a guild invite.” He was (still is) an Officer of the guild Ludicrous Speed on Skullcrusher (formerly Battalions of Fear from Bloodscalp) and had been with them since Vanilla. This was in February of 2010.

So, I established a new account on Skullcrusher and wanted to roll a Paladin. I’d been fascinated by that class since the old D&D paladin. A plate wearing, melee damage-dealing, wielder of light! I was Horde so my only option then was to be a Blood Elf. So, my adventure begins again. This time, I have the support of my friend and his brothers, as well as a very helpful guild who kind of guided me along. I DID find talent trees early this time but didn’t really know where to put points. At level 15, I had holy and retribution points. Only a year and a half ago but I look back and /facepalm.

At about level 10 is when I first saw my RL friend in-game. Their raid had just finished and he wanted to come give me some gold (yay!) and some crafted shoulders. This was my first exposure to a Shaman. He’s been elemental since Vanilla. ICC had just come out so he had some t10 gear, including that beautiful shield from Marrowgar. My friend had t10 shoulders, legs, helm, and that shield and rode up to me on his OG Amani War Bear. I was like “OMG HOW COOL!!!”

It took me about 3 months to level to 80, and I played often. I really took my time as I really felt no hurry. I fished up Old Ironjaw at 63, Played around in dungeons, though I usually was asked why I sucked so hard and always had to drink (I was lolret). I spent hours and hours running Stormwind Stockades to farm wool so I would have enough for my Epic FLying at 77. Wool was consistently 1g per cloth so it took a whole lot of that. I leveled fishing every now and then, as well as being frustrated at the lack of Tin Nodes. I went OS Holy at level 75 and finished the rest of those levels healing Northrend Dungeons.

I started doing much more research on my class around level 75 and really started to get a grasp on the retribution Paladin (I only ran Holy for my random daily so I could get a faster queue). I ended up running in an alt raid on Friday nights in ICC for a few months and I loved the raiding atmosphere. I’ll never forget my first raid boss though. My friend talked the officers into letting me come in for their heroic Marrowgar kill (they were progressing on Putricide at that time). My very first boss was heroic and I got the axe! Heroic Bryntroll as a fresh 80!

I was doing well enough in ICC but I couldn’t get a raid trial because they really didn’t have room for another ret. I was also pretty terrible at older instances (Ulduar and ToGC) because I had no experience with it. I started to get a little bored with my pally and then leveled my DK. Meh…. I raidied with him a bit but it was very short lived. So, I decided to level my Shaman that I named Nastiest. 🙂 More to come on choosing the class (and the terrible name).



6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Welcome to WoW blogging! Hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂 I’m looking forward to more posts, you’re off to a good start! And I love shamans ;P

  2. Good to see how other people came yo play WoW. Looking forward to seeing how your Shaman cam e to be so I can see how others made the decision to roll their toon.

    I loved the Shaman from the start but since I only played Alliance for the longest time (started playing back in Vanilla), I had to wait for the coming of the Space Goats to live the dream!

    • I think a lot of people want others to think they were born “pro.” I wanted to show the world that was such a baddie when I started. Lol. Thanks for dropping by! I’m trying to get my next post up this evening.

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