Stormwind in my Rearview

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So my time in Adapt of Spirestone has come and gone. That’s a good, bad, and neutral thing all rolled into one. Is that even possible? It was my second guild as a raider and I learned some valuable things about the both the game and myself. So what were some of the things that made the experience what it was? I’m not going to cover the details on any of the negativity that I felt there. Best to just leave that behind. Instead I’ll talk a bit about what I learned on my first trip outside of my WoW comfort zone.

Becoming Alliance

Being a long-time fantasy fiction fan, I can truly appreciate the classic fantasy components that the Alliance had to offer. The architecture, the statues, the storylines..they all seem to really fit into what I grew up on with regard to that genre of fictitious atmospheres. Personally, I prefer Ironforge and Darnassus over any of the other Alliance cities. I think Blizzard really made a counterproductive move by forcing everyone into either Stormwind or Orgrimmar. I believe the statement was something like “we want Azeroth to feel lived in.” Well, it’s still not, really. SW and Org are lived in. Go to Ironforge or Thunder Bluff for instance and you’ll find some leveling toons there on occasion but empty for the most part. In WotLK, I could take the Dalaran portal to ANY of my home cities and always find lots of people there. Sure, there were more in the Capitols, but we weren’t forced there. Isn’t Northrend part of Azeroth anyway?

It just didn’t feel right being an Alliance Shaman. I’ll fess up to my nerdiness and admit that I’ve read the Warcraft books and have enjoyed damn near all of them. Shamanism just seems so Horde in all the lore. Specifically the tribal races of Orc and Troll come to mind. Sure Tauren are tribal but there’s just something about their demeanor and culture that doesn’t say “Shaman” to me. But the Alliance? Shamanism? Throwing a back story in to help justify a class into a faction only works to bring the class into the character selection screen. It reduces the amount of work on the developers when it comes to balancing the differences in exclusivity of Alliance Paladins and Horde Shaman in-game. I get that. However…I didn’t decide to leave based on these points. This was all just my fantasy heritage coming out. 🙂

Progression Raiding

Yep. Had some experience in T11 with my first guild and learned a ton from the Guild Leadership over at Ludicrous Speed. Had a fantastic mentor (left the game for a while and has recently come back) over there too. I’ll assume my first blog entry was read so you know why I left there (scheduling conflicts). Adapt was a perfect fit. Times were right, progression was in line with where LS was as a guild, and the interview went very well. I liked the people I spoke with back in May. I got to progress with them through Heroic Cho’gall and Sinestra fo T11, and went 6/7 H (5/7 pre-nerf) in 25’s for T12. It was an absolute blast and I mean that in every way possible.

It was when Firelands came out that things changed. Things just seemed different, both on my part and that of the leadership. I won’t speak poorly of anyone publicly and I don’t want to place blame on anyone or anything specifically, although I will admit that some of my angst was self-induced. t was just a combination of very small things that reached a sum that i just couldn’t handle anymore. So, I made the decision to leave…a decision that I feel serves everyone best.

What Now?

Well, I followed some former guildmates over to Blackrock (Orgrimmar is just stupid crowded there) and I have a trial position with Something Novel. I just got there last night and they’re working on H Ragnaros so I haven’t raided with them as of yet (they’re 3 healing it….wow!). We’ll see how that goes when I get an opportunity. I’m pretty excited about the chance and at a very petty and fundamental level, I’m glad to be Horde again. Despite my favoritism to Orcs and Trolls for the Shaman class, I went Goblin and I’m using the name “Olegreg.” As Resto, I just couldn’t pass up the free 1% haste racial.

So, another chapter begins for The Nasty Shaman. Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Stormwind in my Rearview

  1. I enjoyed giving your vent interview, and my short time raiding with you!!! Good luck and im super jelly you’re back Horde.


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