Coming Back to WoW

So, for anyone who follows this blog (is there anyone? Lol), you realize that I haven’t been around in a fairly long time. The second week after DS launched, I was under pressure at home to stop raiding. Looking back, it was a really good thing. To put it in perspective, I was raiding 4 nights a week on the Shaman (my main), Tanking an alt run on the weekends, and still finding time to VP cap on a third toon. All this while holding a full-time job. This obviously meant I was not spending near enough time with the family. I quit raiding abruptly and logged out of the game for 5 months.

I made a comment about the upcoming launch of D3 on my Facebook profile and was approached by an old friend from High School (I graduated in 1994, mind you) asking if I played WoW. I told her the story and she put it out there that if I wanted to return, she and her husband ran a guild on the PvE Server Korialstrasz. I talked it over with the wife and before long; I was back into the game.

I came back on my Paladin as my main under the assumption that we would eventually put together a raid team. Our little guild had a total of about 50 members with much of those being alts to mains who rarely logged on. The guild was level 12 in early May and had been around since WotLK. They just didn’t have the player presence or time to push those levels faster. Nobody was exalted with the guild yet and folks had either never raided before or they hadn’t raided since ICC. Given my Cataclysm experience and limited experience half-assed raid leading on my pally in alt runs in the past, I was asked if I would Raid Lead this new team. I was made an Officer (my first time doing this) and given the reigns to the raid group building and scheduling.

I started under the principle that I felt the guild needed to clear T11 and T12 before going into Dragon Soul. I just thought it felt right to do it that way. T11 was pretty easy although when we started, we couldn’t fill a raid group with all guildies so we had to Pug quite a bit. This also meant we had to do the raids again for the guild to get credit. We did leave Ragnaros alive for now. I felt that we needed to look at DS and clear it before going back to killing him. I just want to have a sense of expansion completion before moving into Mists.

Building the raid team has been a blast! We now have a couple folks on standby on any given night but that’s a good thing! We are also getting people interested in joining the guild because we are NOT the hard core heroic raiding guild. We have progression goals and they fit into a more casual approach. Sure, I miss heroic raiding. Miss it like hell. Will we ever get to heroics? Maybe. Most likely not this expansion. I don’t think we’re mentally ready for it as a whole.

I’ll say one last thing. It’s very refreshing to only raid 2 nights a week and having the other nights to either not log on at all (spend time with the family) or log in and do random stuff (we did Glory to the Ulduar Raider last week for the heck of it). Folks seem to have more FUN in this environment. There is very little pressure to perform. We have expectations but not like heroic raiding. I’ll try to keep folks who are interested up to date from a Prot Pally perspective. Maybe just for me to reflect on.




2 thoughts on “Coming Back to WoW

  1. Going through my bookmarks to weed out the old blogs no longer being updated and you are being saved for future reading. 🙂 I recently got over my dislike for totems and have a Resto Shaman @ i389 and am learning as much as I can to be at my best when MoP hits. So I will be here lurking around reading any posts I can get! 😀

  2. Hey Healzwithfibro! Thanks for checking out my blog. I never get much traffic so I appreciate any readership at all.

    Someone else mentioned it recently, but realistically, our totems weren’t doing much for a raid lately anyway. I found that my most useful totems were single-key-bound anyway. So, the new stuff wasn’t a big transition.

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