Cataclysm Reflection and the Upcoming Mists

Well, here we sit at the end of an expansion again…only a few days left before Mists of Pandaria is launched, and we are all on our way to level 90, and exploring all of the new content that comes with it. Some players will devour this content much faster than others. Other folks will focus on what I like to call “incremental experiences”—meaning the little things that can add to the overall experience without being a focal point from the developers. PC Gamer just posted an interview with Ghostcrawler, who made mention of all of the Easter Eggs they’ve implemented into the dungeons. I may or may not go after these things, but it’s definitely a nice new option to have. That actually goes with several facets of the game that have been implemented (e.g. pet battles). You can love them or hate them, but they’re options to explore.


Reflection on Cataclysm

To me, Cataclysm was actually kind of a big deal. As I’ve stated before, it was my first expansion as an active progression raider. I learned the ins and outs of my Resto Shaman and contributed to theory-crafting in any environment I found myself in. I got in a little too deep and had to step back from the game for a while. That’s actually my third expansion I’ve not played in its entirety now. Started in BC, left and came back with 10 months of WotLK left, and left Cata for 5 months to pursue real life for a while.

What I didn’t like about Cataclysm (and I think many others didn’t either) is that when it launched, and all the way through Firelands, things were just a touch over tuned for many players. Don’t let anyone fool you and don’t fool yourself into thinking that very early Cataclysm heroics were “easy.” They weren’t. And Blizzard did this on purpose. Shit mattered then that hasn’t mattered in a long time. Extend that through the first two raid tiers of the expansion and you still get that there was a much more “elite” element to heroic progression. I’ll use my own personal experience for this one. My guild ended T11 ranked 136th in US 25 man raiding. And that’s including not getting Heroic Council down. So, less than 136 25-man guilds actually went 13/13 heroic while it was current. Similar story with Heroic Ragnaros. The guild I was in there ended up US 49th in 25 man Firelands with about a month left in the tier.

Overall, I really did like Cataclysm, though. I enjoyed the challenge of the earlier stuff even though I wondered how I would ever make it as a Resto Shaman early on. I liked the story; I liked the Villain…if you’ve read the books you will understand more about this guy Deathwing/Lord Prestor/Neltharion. Many people complained about feeling like the game was over once Arthas went down, but if you look at Azerothian troubles in history, Arthas was just a flash in the pan.

But, believe it or not, this post isn’t about Cataclysm necessarily. It’s about what I’m doing going forward.


The Future of “Me”

I’ve decided to main my Guardian Druid for Mists. This came after debating for about 6 weeks on whether or not this was a decision I wanted to make. I finally pulled the trigger on Sunday night, and announced it to the guild. I’ll still be main tank, and I’ll still be raid leading as well as providing some leadership for the guild’s management in conjunction with the other officers. It was a little tough to make the decision, to be honest. After progression raiding on my Shaman, coming back to my original main (Pally) had a feeling of “coming home” to it. But the bear….OMG it really feels good when tanking. Maybe I have the advantage of not having any old habits in muscle memory, but I don’t see any of the issues others are complaining about (when do people not complain though?).

So, you will find me…Cohumulone, Guardian Druid of Blood Red Sky of Korialstrasz. Which makes me ask: what do I do with the title of this blog now? I rarely even log on to the Shaman any longer. I’m still Big Nasty IRL. I want to lean away from trying to tackle any class in particular with a blog. There are plenty of those out there.

Give me some ideas on naming this blog!


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