Prepare Ship for Ludicrous Speed!

More big changes for the Big Nasty over the last couple of months. I don’t think I can approach the blog without having something in the way of changes to talk about. That’s ok though. We all deal with constant changes in life anyway…why should WoW be any different?

Guild Leadership

As I indicated in my last post, there were many challenges that came with the mantle of GM on top of raid leading. I knew these components would be present, but I didn’t anticipate the level in which I needed to be involved with them. This was especially frustrating because even out-of-game, I had to place so much focus into what the raid team’s needs were and how to go about filling those needs.

One conclusion I came to is that I really don’t like the Korialstrasz server. While there are great players on the server, the talent pool looking for raid teams was never very promising. You see, I had a few folks who I knew were actually holding the progression back. However, to fill their spots (or force them to play better to keep theirs) was like pulling teeth! Especially if you’re trying to min-max your buffs and debuffs.

Basically, the level of mediocrity within the raid team and on the server was driving me bat-shit. It wasn’t fair to the few of us who were better than our team dictated. It got to the point to where I was spending so much time out of game, trying to solve problems in game that my work was suffering, my grades in my Master’s program were slipping, and I was just not having fun in the game I love so much.

At this point, I reached out to a couple people I trust in game and talked to them about the problems I was having. We agreed that it would be a good idea for me to leave and try to find a replacement raid leader before I did so. Why leave and not just find the replacement? Because I just didn’t feel like I could be on the team in a different role. Plus, I felt like I was relied upon so much that I needed a break from that pressure. I wanted to find a team where if I needed to miss, it wouldn’t be a show-stopper.

During this time, I had reached out to the GM of the very first guild I was ever a part of. If you go back to my very first post and maybe even a couple after that one, you’ll know that I came to this guild by an invite to the game by a really close real-life friend. I left that guild for time constraint reasons and no matter where I went in my travels around the servers, I always felt that they were “home” to me. I told him my situation and that I was interested in coming back to that guild if they had a spot available. Over the course of 2 weeks or so, we both reached the conclusion that I would be a good fit back into <Ludicrous Speed> of Skullcrusher. The added bonus is that I get to be a black-hearted Hordie again!

Behind the public eye in my old guild, I was still working with come people to try to transition leadership over to them. There was a problem though: nobody wanted it. It came down to the last day when I was going to make my departure announcement that night. Only 4-5 people knew my plans, so I knew that it would be letting others down. I struggled with that part of it, because I don’t like to let anyone down at all. Raid was scheduled for 7pm my time as always. At 1pm, my co-tank and fellow officer finally texted me and said “why shouldn’t I try to do it?” I was so happy! I responded “there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try!”

After raid was formed that night, I made the announcement before pulling trash. I transferred GM to him and gave raid leadership over to him that night so I could still be there, but not in that role. After raid, I said my goodbyes, and transferred back over to Skullcrusher.

Even More Change!

I transferred over to my old/new guild not as a tank, but as a main spec Moonkin! This had been my off spec since Mists and I truly enjoy it, but I had never played it as Main Spec so I was really excited for the new challenge. It being my OS, I came into the guild being the least geared by a large margin (13 ilvls—a whole tier’s difference). I hadn’t realized how important tracking a few things were (DoT’s, Nature’s Grace, and their relative position to eclipse). The good news on that is that there is another Boomkin there who I could compare my logs with. I’ve since added some things to my UI that has already proven invaluable to helping me keep an eye on the things that will potentially help me maximize my DPS.

There is some good news and bad news regarding my former guild—the one I created and raid led. They only lasted one raid night after my departure. That saddened me, but on the upside, the good players from that team have since moved on to other servers and guilds, where they have all enjoyed further progression in their new teams, myself included (I had the luxury of being a part of my new guild’s first heroic Elegon kill, which was my first Elegon kill period). We still keep in touch via Battletags, and we have sometimes met in our old vent server to chat while we do dailies or whatever.

And In the End…

“Breaking up” was hard to do, but it ended up serving us all better in the end. Good raiders are now seeing progression, others who lost interest have no obligated feeling to keep logging in, and for me personally, I can concentrate on my class and learning the fights versus trying to troubleshoot 10 people’s performance all the time.

Oh happy days.


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