On Death and Desensitization (RIP Sweets)

This post may or may not have anything to do with WoW. You take it how you will.

With all the media’s focus on desensitization from the enjoyment of video games, it makes me wonder how such nonsense makes its way into the supposed motives of the criminals in question. I’m not a psychology major by any stretch. I had a single psych and sociology class in college. But I’m a veteran. One who, like many others, has been surrounded by the deaths of his friends.

In the last year, as of last night, I have lost two very close friends of mine to similar circumstances. While I was an active duty Marine, I lost several others. This isn’t a pity party. It just is what it is.

Most of my circle of friends with like backgrounds deal with death similarly. We mourn very briefly (sometimes minutes), and then go on about our day. It isn’t rude, it’s just how we deal with it. We’re taught to adapt and overcome, and to do so quickly. After a while, losing someone is just another part of one’s day. Adapt to their loss. Overcome your own emotions.

What we don’t do, however, is use it as an excuse to go on murdering sprees. Most of us know that our passions must still be kept within due bounds, and adjust accordingly. Video games? Pssh. There is absolutely nothing realistic enough about video games that in my opinion would warrant this being a valid excuse.


RIP, Sweets, my brother. Give ‘em hell in Thunder Chapter.


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