The Little Priestess Who Could

Keeping up with this week’s alt appreciation, I wanted to highlight my little priest. And by little, I really mean little…

Meet Ninkasi. At the time of this writing, I’ve gotten her up to level 42 and just now entering Eastern Plague Lands. To be honest, I haven’t quested much with her because I’ve been mostly healing in dungeons. That’s the thing about priests though, isn’t it. You’re almost expected to be a healer just as well as Shadow, if you’ve gone that route.


Ninkasi posing with her homegirl Fiona in EPL!

Ninkasi has been suffering from identity crisis since her inception. I’ve made a Blood Elf, Tauren, and now this Gnome version of her, but this is certainly the furthest I’ve gotten with a priest. Why a little pink haired fem-Gnome? Because I can! I rarely play female characters, although for this one I thought it would be neat to destroy things with my shadowy beam of priesty death coming from the hands of a cute little pink-haired gnome.


Look ma! I can’t see over the wheel!

Ninkasi doesn’t have much of a backstory yet, although I will point out what her name means. Ninkasi was the Sumarian goddess of beer when they first discovered it. If you know me at all, you know my love for beer. I’ve played Holy, Discipline, and Shadow with her so far in her early life, and they’ve all been quite fun. At the moment, I’m carrying a Shadow main spec with a discipline off spec.


DIE by my petite hands!!!

All in all, I really enjoy the class. If I had more time to play alts, I’d certainly finish leveling her all the way to cap. She’s my only Alliance toon at the moment as well, and also happens to be the GM of the level 19 guild I own.


RAWR! Says the mighty Ninkasi!



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