Where in the World is Nastiest San Diego?

Wow! What a trip I’ve been on the past few weeks. And I’m not certain that it’s over yet. As you know from my last blog, I left <Adapt> of Spirestone at the end of September to trial with a guild called <Something Novel> on Blackrock. The server itself is a fantastic server just loaded with talented players. Being the noob to the guild, I of course sat out my first week with them as they were progressing on Heroic Ragnaros (25 man). I listened to them on Mumble and was impressed at the level of professionalism and more laid back demeanor while concurrently setting expectations and holding people accountable. That’s the way it should be, in my opinion. Leadership does not have to belittle in order to get the point across. I did sort of laugh under my breath at a comment made by the GM on October 3. After being so close to a kill on the 2nd, when the raid began on the 3rd, he simply said “if you guys are going to dick around and clutter up Mumble tonight, I’m just going to log and go to bed.” Plain and simple. This was about 30 minutes before the raid started.
Being in Mumble before raid starts gives players an opportunity to talk to each other about whatever they want to discuss. Sometimes it’s srsbsns, sometimes it’s not. Listening to these guys talk about their classes was just awe inspiring. The details and the “if-thens” they discussed was at a level that was both above anything I had experienced so far, and very welcomed.
After a couple of attempts, I had dropped out of Mumble so I could focus on finishing my VP cap for the week. About 45 minutes later, I saw the achievement spam we were all waiting for. Heroic Ragnaros. They killed him, securing US 49th 25 man. Although I was not part of the kill, I was very excited for the guild and couldn’t wait to get the opportunity to kill rag with them. After about 15 minutes or so, I started seeing a lot of folks talking about quitting. I saw things like “I don’t know where I’ll go,” etc. Then, I was seeing the yellow system messages “(player) has left the guild.” Saw that a few times. I immediately passed it off as people joking. I whispered one of the officers about what was going on and he responded with “were you not in mumble?” Uh-oh. “No, I had dropped so I could do other things while you were working on Rag.” “The GM announced that he got a job offer that will make him work too early in the morning to continue raiding. We knew for a couple weeks but were waiting for a new RL to step up. Since nobody did, we’re discontinuing raiding.”
W.T.F. I couldn’t really even respond. I was instantly angry. Why was recruiting still happening 6 days before the guild died? Especially irritating was that the officers knew what was going on and most already had other guilds lined up. I felt stuck and lost. Now what the hell do I do? Because of my work schedule, I’m pretty locked into an 8pm PST raiding guild. There aren’t that many out there that I feel compelled to apply to.
The next night was a Tuesday and they decided to do one final raid together. I got to do all the bosses with them and picked up a couple items in the process. Of course, they decided to kill Rag on normal just to have an early night.
The Journey Continues
On the <Something Novel> forums, there was already talk of a separate 10 man run going on Tichondrius with a guild called <Damage per Second> (US 6th 10 man). I was invited to go over and raid with them on a second group and I did that for a night. The idea behind the group was not to be an alt run or casual run but a 2nd progression team. In case future tiers were not linear, it would give the guild an advantage as both teams could be progressing on different bosses. We did 4/7 HM on our first night and I must say that I really don’t know if I like the 10 man environment or not. I had told the team there that I was still apping to 25 man guilds because that’s where I was the most comfortable. In fact, now that I had seen what it was like raiding with best in class people, I was only apping to guilds on that same level. Most of them were in no need of a Resto Shaman and all of them responded that while my app looked good, they just couldn’t justify another Shaman. T12 hasn’t been so nice to us.
At this time, I thought I was going to have a massive overhaul on my availability (again), making me available earlier in the evening. So…I went out on a limb and applied to <Blood Legion>. A day later, they want to interview me! Wow! What an honor. Bad news? The schedule change I was anticipating once again fell through and I had to regretfully withdraw my app. Hopefully, if things ever do change long term, I can reapply with them and see what it’s like to progression raid at that level. I’m confident that I can do it.
Finally, I started getting some responses on my LFG thread on the forums. <Eternal Reign> even responded but their raid times don’t work with my dookie schedule. One that caught my eye was a guild called <Late Night Pain Train> on Ysera. Their progression was similar to where I was and they were on a PvE realm. I moved over there last week and I’ve raided with them once to get to 6/7 so the regular comp could continue their attempts.
So What Now (Revisited)
I haven’t the slightest. I need to see what this guild I’m in can do for my personal goals. Don’t mistake that for selfishness. I’m happy to help a guild progress with its goals too. But we’re all in it for some measure of personal satisfaction too, right? I may stop raiding progression. I may move back to Tichondrius. I may take an “alt run in the mean time” offer from another top 50 guild.
Either way, I really want to finish this tier 7/7 heroic.